Friday, 21 June 2013

bill granger's roast chicken with yoghurt garlic sauce

Since becoming a nanny, I spend my Thursdays casting envious glances through Kendra's cookery books whilst her and Finn are asleep. Obviously once I've finished constructing furniture and washing up, I hasten to say!

Jamie's Italy looks particularly fab, as does Bill Granger's first cookery book, Sydney Food. I've had a couple of great lunchtime snacks from it already, so I was really pleased to get my hands on her copy and start ploughing through it.

However, I suspect drunkenly trying to construct a spatchcock chicken, marinaded in onions, oregano and lemon after spending three hours in the pub celebrating Milo's Sports Day debut, probably wasn't the best idea:

As you can see, it was mainly burned to the bottom of the roasting dish, so tasted mainly of chicken, burnt lemon and burnt oregano. I'm willing to hazard a guess this might be the fault of the chef rather than the recipe, and with this in mind I'll graciously put this one down to experience and try again when I'm less battered.

roast chicken with yoghurt garlic sauce - Bill Granger, Sydney Food, p136

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