Monday, 17 June 2013

Meanwhile, over in Canada...

This weekend we're living it up in glorious Ashton-under-Hill, which usually sounds a death knell for any sort of blog update, mainly due to alcohol reasons you understand - we always eat amazingly there!

Luckily help is at hand care of Lady Harlock of the Hammer, who kindly sent over a picture of her latest BBQ creation: Stuffed portobello mushrooms with sweet potato fries:

I love a good stuffed mushroom, and although we've not dabbled for ages, I'm definitely going to give this a spin sooner rather than later. Although perhaps not on our kettle BBQ... Recipe please Mrs H!

Anybody else fancy sending in their creations, feel free and I'll whack 'em for everybody to salivate over. Particularly if I can use them to fill in the gaps of my tardy writing.

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