Monday, 24 June 2013

bill granger's spaghettini with crab, lime and chilli

Back-to-back fish this week, bouyed after the success of yesterday's cod, we're inspired by the delicious crab offering in Bill's Sydney Food. After all, who can resist sweet flakes of white crab meat in warm pasta, scattered with fiery jewels of chilli? Particularly on a hot summer's day, surely it's the perfect combination?

Sadly the reality is far removed from the beautifully styled bowl presented on page 81. Gone are the flakes and jewels, replaced with a brown slurry of fishy-smelling cat sick, liberally spattered with greenish-goo:

It looked terrible. However *however*, despite it's grim looks, it tasted delicious: full of zingy limes, some fruity fire from the chilli and the crab meat was sweet and meaty. I'll definitely try finding some white meat next time, rather than cutting corners with the cheaper, brown stuff. Lesson learned.

spaghettini with crab, lime and chilli - Bill Granger, Sydney Food, p80

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