Sunday, 9 June 2013

#GreatSummerOfBurger Episode 8: Another cold BBQ

We have a very poor record entertaining people with summer BBQs. It's not for want of trying mind, it's more whatever date we pick is guaranteed to be the one cold and drizzly day in the middle of a run of scorchers.

Today is no different for the hordes of Pettigrews and Harcups eager take part in another exciting installment of #GreatSummerOfBurger, who have to make do with sheltering from the inclemency in-doors. Still, despite these climactic handicaps,  we ate and drank like fat, bibulous kings on a menu that featured:
  • Silvana Franco's Bloody Mary burgers (ably cooked by Milo, with a local 'celebrity' helping out):
  • Silvana Franco's spiced cannellini and cous cous burgers
  • Fino's chorizo and cherry tomato salad
  • Georgio Locatelli's panzanella
  • Belazu's Claire Harcup's quinoa, roasted squash and griddled asparagus salad
  • Much rosé
  • Lots of lager
  • Chocolate puddings
Who needs sunshine, when you've got booze to keep you artificially warm and moaning children to distract you from the mizzly weather?

Actually it was all v jolly, and even better I picked up a couple of top tips. At least, I was able to confirm Greggy McP's tip about pre-cooking the burgers before whacking them on the grill worked a treat - especially if you use a half pork-half beef mix to maintain moistness (oo-er). This doesn't work with the cous cous burgers though. Both got thumbs up though, which was gratifying.

I also discovered I like quinoa and, the longer you leave panzanella in the fridge the better it tastes, but it does need to come out about two hours before serving, otherwise you're essentially eating frozen, stale bread. Luckily everybody was late arriving so it had managed de-chill.

Do with these tips what you want, I judge not.

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