Sunday, 23 June 2013

valli little's cod with garlic butter and gremolata

What are traditions for if not tearing down? Today we make our own stand by spurning the chance for a delicious Sunday roast by having an experimental Fish fandango.

To be perfectly honest this was Ana's call, but she's right to insist on us eating more piscky critters, and the fact we're having it on a Sunday is born more out of the fact nothing from Sainsbury's seems to stay fresh so we might as well eat it now as throw it out later.

As it happens, this is pretty unfishy as fish dishes go: Most of the flavour comes from the gremolata and garlic butter, and the cous cous which soaks up most of the butter. Even better, it's a curiously healthy way to end/begin the week, which is something I'd never have ever contemplated.

As much as it pains me to admit it, Mrs B is right, as usual, and even Milo wolfs it down whilst providing his own view of his dinner:

We'll make a blogger of him yet.

Wine Time
Obviously the biggest flavour here is the lemony, herby gremolata, which even overpowers the garlic butter, so you want something equally punchy on the flavour front, whilst retaining the acidity for the fish.

As ever the rule of thumb of drinking from the country your dish is from comes to the rescue as either a mouth-watering Gavi or good quality (note 'good') Soave would be go down a treat here. Also, if you can find it, I suspect an unoaked Italian Chardonnay would also be surprisingly good.

cod with garlic butter and gremolata - Valli Little, Delicious, June 2013, p60

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