Saturday, 29 June 2013

#GreatSummerOfBurger Episode 9: Angela Boggiano's ultimate burger

Whilst the Lions let us down this morning, (although I suspect the blame can be more specifically laid at the referee's door for allowing the Wallaby pack to fall over at ever scrum), the rest of the day is fantastic.

It's super hot, we go to the school summer fair, we buy a Darth Vader costume for 50p, we have a pint in the pub with some other parents and kids, we get the paddling pool out, did I mention it's hot? Even better, from my point of view anyway, it's burgers for dinner!

I crave burgers more than ever at the moment, partially I think because of our triumphant #GreatSummerOfBurger campagin, but increasingly because a trip to GBK is agreed reward for finally getting a job. Tonight I've definitely Kiwi Burger on my mind:

Beetroot, pickles, fried egg and melted cheese - mmmm! The base for this towering creation is another new edition for this year's #GreatSummerOfBurger, although it's not a new recipe, Angela Boggiano's Ultimate Burger.

This has been our go-to burger for years, and I can't believe it's taken so long to add it to this year's challenge. I love it, maybe not as much as Silvana Franco's bloody mary burger now, but it's still aces, the twist being you mix in chopped gherkin into the patty, along with red onion and a dash of ketchup. Delish!

Ultimate Beef Burger - Angela Boggiano, Delicious, June 2009, p46

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