Friday, 1 July 2011

Happy Canada Day!

"Oh Canada! How free your moose roam, and your beer has lovely foam, erm, and your maple leaf is nice and red, and the Harlock's have nice heads" or something...

In honour of our fine friends in the Hammer, and indeed Mrs Kendra Bolger, the news that we're celebrating Canada Day in Trafalgar Square sends me scurrying down to the centre of town to hail all things Cannuck. More specifically I came because I'd heard a rumour these people were in town:

And the only thing standing between me and a double-double and some Timbits was, a 40 minute queue. Seriously:

It's not as if you can't get a coffee in central London, but this being the only Tim Horton's in 9000 miles, it's swamped. By the time I get there the Timbits have sold out, so I have to make do with a coffee and some ring donuts for the office:

At this point I notice something even odder than a 40 minute queue for coffee, the bar next door is completely empty. WTF? Canadians - hear me now - get your priorities in order! Still, on the upside I was able to swiftly reward myself with a can of Canada's finest brewski in about 1000th of the time it took me to get a non-alcoholic beverage:

Sorry John. Doughnuts, coffee, beer and I got to meet a Mountie - what's not to like about Canada? At the very least, the fact there weren't many Vancouver fans burning the shit out of the centre of town was a blessing.

PS There were no patio lanterns in evidence

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  1. Love! Love! Love! Despite being a proud Canadian, I never would have stood in line for 40mins...well done RGB, well done! You for sure by now have earned your Canadian citizenship...