Tuesday, 19 July 2011

mozzarella, peach, basil and parma ham salad

Truly summer has forsaken us this year. Everything seems to be getting earlier; Easter is scorching, June and July are terrible (camping aside), and then it picks up slightly for the dog days of early autumn. Obviously it hasn't stopped me getting my usual cycling tan, but brown arms/face are only so much use in the torrential rain on the Fulham Road.

Tonight is my first night alone this week, with Ana and Milo now in glorious residence on the Isle of Wight, and unlike my usual home alone escapades, I have no experimental dishes to try, and neither do I have many plans. This is due entirely to being completely shagged by the new job, so much so I've hardly had time to plan ahead, let alone sleep. Who knew flogging wine would be so tiring?

All I'm good for tonight is moving all the pot plants out of the way of the scaffolders coming tomorrow, watching the Tour de France entering the Alps, and eating a quick, and easy salad, before collapsing. Not even the knowledge eating this tonight would massively vex Ana as I'd promised to cook it last night, but didn't, is enough to tempt me into any hi-jinks.

mozzarella, peach, basil and parma ham salad - parsley book


  1. ah, BEST. SALAD. EVER. I have just put down my knife and fork having had the very same. Just what on earth did I eat before?!

  2. I know - it's *totally* random isn't it? I felt the same way about the sesame chicken last year, and the lamb tagliata the year before.

    I'm sure Ana feels the same way about the halloumi salad this year, although I've had it up to here (indicates the ceiling) with it...