Sunday, 17 July 2011

persian-style lamb and rhubarb stew

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day! After yesterday's day out with Kendra, Brian and Finn, today it's my turn to shoulder the burden of entertaining Milo, so Ana can have some precious time to herself, having had him all week.

Feeling slightly better after a much-need lay-in, I put our usual weekend plan into action: Swimming, followed by Waitrose. There's an added twist this time however, because when we get home my mum and Jan are in the kitchen drinking coffee, as they'd come up to collect the tent. Grandparents are a fantastic Milo-distractor!

As it's only looking slightly dodgy, we take our lives into our hands and go for a walk into Barnes, ostensibly to get Milo's haircut but are soon diverted as the weather closed in. Luckily we only get soaked twice, on the way there, and coming home.

On the way we discover our chi-chi sweet shop is somewhat-unsurprisingly closing down. So we fill up with jelly teddies, storybooks, rubber snakes and candy canes before giving the walk up for a bad job and taking refuge in the newly-redone Sun Inn, where Milo has his dinner, and we have a snifter or two, accompanied by some much-needed chips.

With my mum and Jan happily tootling home, I finally get around to cooking. I was inspired by a two-for-one offer on lamb AND rhubarb in Waitrose, and having finally dug out the recipe, figured it was the least I could do. It's also quite warming and quite, quite moorish (oh-ho!). It does take two hours longer than I planned though...

On the upside, I discovered I'd forgotten to add a vital step to the recipe - the addition of the coriander - which I've now amended. Enjoy!

Food of the Milos
After yesterday's burger, and the whitebait on holiday, Milo again surprises us in the pub by having sausages and mash. The sausages aren't a surprise, you understand, but the mash was pea and potato mash, and the whole lot was swimming in thick, onion gravy, all of which he ate with only a modicum of ketchup on the side. Our money is on "Growth Spurt".

persian-style lamb and rhubarb stew - somewhere in Delicious, now right here!

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