Monday, 11 July 2011

aloo tikki

Having driven home in the blazing sunshine from East Devon (with both my passengers snoring away I hasten to add), I'm knackered and can't really be bothered to cook at anything, let alone go out and buy any ingredients.

I'm still partially full from our late-lunch in Branscombe to be honest, however I've got a 0500 pick-up tomorrow morning for my inaugural delivery round for work (Oxford here we come!) and I need something both quick, not too filling, and with enough left-over for lunch.

After the success last time, and with most-to-all of the minimum ingredients lurking in the cupboards, we opt for another crack at the aloo tikki.

They are one of those dishes that are perfect for cooking around Milo's bedtime routine, as they need about an hour in the fridge to set once you've made them. So whilst he's watching telly I can crack on and make them, and then pop them into the fridge safe in the knowledge they'll be perfect by the time we've bathed him, read him a bazillion bedtime stories and snuggled up till he's asleep.

I'm right btw, they are perfect, especially with another batch of my mum's chutney:

Top tip though - you really do need to have wet hands when you're shaping them, otherwise you just get all claggy!

aloo tikki - Observer Food Monthly, Parsley Book

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