Wednesday, 22 June 2011

aloo tikki

With Ana out at the nursery AGM, and a fridge full of food, I'm in somewhat of a quandary what to cook tonight. Nearly everything we've got planned this week requires zero prep, or needs to be warm, so either way I've got to wait for her return before I can start to cook, which could mean eating late - never good on a school night.

However, some experimental curried potato cakes (for that is what aloo tikki are) seem perfect: They need 20 minutes resting time in the fridge after being made, and only a quick 3 minutes on each side in the frying pan. Served with my mum's spicy tomato chutney they are, even if I say so myself, farqing brilliant:

Brilliantly enough, we've got enough potatoes in the cupboard to make this every day, between now and Doomsday... although they are slightly too spicy for Milo. Maybe.

aloo tikki - Observer Food Monthly, Parsley Book

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