Friday, 10 June 2011

peter gordon's yellow courgette, chick pea, red onion, chilli, watercress and feta salad

Another day of absolutely naff all today, other than relentless LinkedIn updating. However, the day is enlivened by a massive storm at lunchtime, and even better, the arrival of our bunting for tomorrow's street party to celebrate it's 100th Birthday! I went for pirate and nautical flags with the thought we might get some re-use out of them over the years. They certainly looked pretty cool strung out across our (mainly empty) desks.

Anyway, with a mighty wedge of burgers booked into the fridge for the BBQ tomorrow, we opt for Peter Gordon's healthy, curiously spicy, yet somehow tres filling courgette and chick pea salad:

Bring on the burgers!

yellow courgette, chickpea, red onion, chilli, watercress and feta salad - Peter Gordon, Salads: The New Main Course, p56

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