Tuesday, 7 June 2011

fino's chorizo and tomato salad, with bread and goat's cheese

Hmmm, night flights are great aren't they? Especially when you don't want to come home...

All in all it's an odd old culinary day. Having landed this morning, which meant we had to suffer the usual slightly stale airline breakfast fayre, we got back home for lunch. However as this got slightly delayed as we all decided to take a midday three hour cat nap, we didn't eat our sandwiches we'd got at Toronto airport, and I ate the last three Timbits, until five-ish. We also had the first of this year's raspberry and blueberry crops:

One panic drive to East Sheen to get the shopping before Waitrose closed later, we shoveled dinner into Milo, gave him a swift bath and got him into bed for erm, 2200 military hours. This then left us plenty of time to eat Fino's by-now-classic chorizo and tomato salad, which had been marinading all afternoon, whilst reminiscing over the holiday snaps with a glass of wine.

Work tomorrow, *sigh*. Oh Canada - HAIL!

chorizo and tomato salad - Fino, Delicious, July 2006, p59

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