Saturday, 25 June 2011

simon hopkinson's tomato curry

Despite the rather patchy beginning to the day, both weather-wise and my post-evening out with Panther and Magnus mini-hangover, it ends gloriously.

To start with me and Milo pick yet another punnet of raspberries and blueberries from the canes in the garden. I think we must have taken a kilo of raspberries this year, with more to come, so they've definitely paid for themselves, and the blueberry has having it's best. Year. Ever. A quick trim of our extensive lawn later, and we're all having poached egg and salmon for brunch. It's the South West 14 way.

Angela Hazel pops over for a tea whilst she's walking her neighbour's dog, and once she's gone we head out to Mortlake Fair for an afternoon's bouncy castle action. This then morphs, as the weather perks up, into an impromptu couple of bottles of wine round one of the other mum's house. Women deal with children's dinner, men deal with several K-bourgs - what's not to like?

This comes back to bite me in the ass later though, as whilst I'm speed-cooking tonight's slightly-squiffy-and-sun-burned curry so as to be ready for the evening's Marple, Ana is going to sleep in Milo's bed. And will she get up? Will she bobbins...

tomato curry - Simon Hopkinson, Delicious, November 2007, p86

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