Wednesday, 15 June 2011

persian-style lamb and rhubarb stew

Holy Mary, this has to be one of my favourite dishes we eat, seriously, and that's not the three bottles of Honeydew talking either. It's right up there with the meatballs, and various curries, and the lamb and sour cherries stew.

Anyway, with yet another dull half-day at work enlivened by a lunchtime pint with the Panther in The Phoneix, and a frothy-style coffee with Miss S Breslau at ITV glamorous riverside restaurant (well, "glamorous" in the sense a couple of the TOWIE harridans were tottering about reception, in a haze of St Tropez), I get home early to start the two hour stewing process. Although of course I don't start cooking when I get home, I fanny about reading, then have a bath with Milo before beginning, a mere half-an-hour before the start of tonight's Marple. Two hours of premium post-war crime drama later, Ana is starving and the lamb has almost completely fallen apart. As ever, there's never enough.

I *still* haven't found the blinking recipe, so I might have to simply write it out on here to save having to dig through the cocking Delicious website.


  1. Please write it out... I want to cook this SOON.....

  2. Well I have just eaten and now I want to eat this too. It isn't fair *stamps feet* that I am such a 'food' person. Why can't I be a 'gym' person.