Sunday, 12 June 2011

mozzarella, peach, basil and parma ham salad

After yesterday's street party high jinks, today is very slow. Ana's got reports to do, and a combination of eight hours of bouncy castling and the final dregs of post-holiday tiredness mean Milo is in a right grump today. So much so me and him spend pretty much all day sat in a sleeping bag, with only a trip out to Putney to get the shopping and two films to watch that afternoon - Kung-Fu Panda and Monsters V Aliens. It's all research I *promise*.

Early beds all round beckon, but unfortunately some cider-accompanying salad, and a God-awful-but-eminently-watchable RomCom on C4 mean it's still late. And salad is never enough to soak up a big bottle of cider is it?

mozzarella, peach, basil and parma ham salad - Delicious, 2005 now the Parsley Book

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