Tuesday, 5 July 2011

georgio locatelli's panzanella

Last night turned out to be an object lesson in reading the instructions properly, although it does mean I have an amazing salad tonight.

So, having inherited a couple of tiger bread baguettes from my mother over the weekend, I had my eye on creating a panzanella salad from the stale loaf.

A bit of research at work - in between watching the latest Tour De France stage naturellement - turns up this pretty easy Georgio Locatelli recipe. To be honest there were quite a few different versions out there, some with peppers, some with anchovies, some with ham etc, but this was the closest to one I remember making a few years back, and as I had most of the ingredients it seemed relatively simple to knock-up.

However, however...

I should've paid more attention to (or even read) the bit where it said "marinade for 24 hours in a fridge". Instead, having made it, I realised I can either just eat it there and then, or wait. As Ana was out at a leaving party and Milo was somewhat annoyingly up until 2200, I knocked the whole thing on the head, letting it marinade, whilst I wrestled Milo into bed and had a sarnie for dinner.

Tonight I got my reward. Ana had it for lunch and despite the presence of capers and red onion, she loved it, which suggests to me it's not too bad at all. As she was out *again* tonight, it gave me free range to luxuriate in a double-helping of good-time Mediterranean vibes provided by the hit of tomatoes, onion and garlic, whilst kicking back with another double-helping of Horrible Histories.

I'm so glad I've rediscovered it; it's massively tasty, it's thrifty and cheap, and add a bone-dry glass of rose, and you've got the perfect dish for the summer - what's not to like?

    panzanella - georgio locatelli, The Independent, 30th May 2008


    1. I definitely need the instructions for this please, the only thing better than a good salad is a good salad with added bread!

    2. Oh, I love panzanella. I make Jamie's Italy version. Red wine vinegar is very important, and I can never be bothered to peel the tomatoes. It's ace though.

    3. Mrs White, Miss Lucyfer, you are both of course quite correct - almost nothing can beat a good panzanella!

      Sarah - the link to the recipe is in the text somewhere, but a search for it turns up loads of varieties!

      Lucyfer, in NZ I was tyrannised by various recipes requiring the peeling (and de-seeding) of tomatoes but, having knocked it all on the head, I've come to the conclusion it makes no difference. Unless you're the Singing Detective of course...

    4. I actually think I might bother skinning tomatoes, thats the bit I like the least... Mmmmm, bread salad. I am seriously hungry now. Beans on toast time I think!

    5. I suppose if you don't like the skin (you weirdo - that the bit full of lycopene), I found the easiest way was to do a cross on the bottom, and plop them into a bowl of boiling water for a bit