Monday, 18 July 2011

donna hay's pasta with cherry tomato sauce

Ana's out at Bikini Blitz tonight, the last one before the summer holidays no less, so I've got to make an effort to be home in time for her to get changed and go. Other than cycling back in some grim weather, it's fine and dandy, and seeing how I was on the rob for some fridges from the now-defunct Oddbins on the King's Road today, work feel I've done enough for them for one day.

However, on returning cold and wet from promenading around Richmond Park, Ana feels the exact opposite. This is almost entirely due to the fact I'd promised her peach and mozzarella salad, but  delivered Donna Hay's pasta with cherry tomato sauce instead. I can't see why she's so vexed as it is one of her favourites, but apparently carbs will undo all her good work this evening. My argument that I'd not eaten since breakfast and was starving, cut little-to-no-mustard. Still, it was mighty tasty, and leaves me something to eat tomorrow night, whilst her mother is feeding her up on the Island.

pasta with cherry tomato sauce - Donna Hay, Instant Cook, p58


  1. Well quite frankly she could do with a bit o'meat on 'er. Coming up here with her waify ways. Honestly, there is nothing to the woman!