Wednesday, 20 July 2011

tesco finest cottage pie

Can you tell I didn't cook tonight? Admittedly I made a cheese and tomato sandwich (on white bread - you can tell Ana isn't here can't you?) whilst it was "cooking", but it's as far as my culinary whims are stretching tonight.

Basically today started awfully as I copped a flat on the way to work, and then got appreciably worse as I then had to detour via the office before heading out the London's Trendy Shoreditch 40 minutes later than planned. However, it all picked up from there: I had an ace meeting about tentage for next weekend's Vintage festival at the Southbank (you're all invited - come on down!) followed by coffee with Greggy in Liverpool Street, and then drinkies with various SeeSaw legacy co-colleagues *and* (briefly) Miss Sasha Breslau of ITV fame.

Who would want to cook after that? Exactly!

Tesco Finest Shepherd's Pie - Terry Tesco's, Hammersmith Broadway


  1. This whole van man thing is truly wearing off on you isn't it?

  2. White Van Men wouldn't have FINEST, they'd have stripey value, so they've got enough to buy a couple more copies of Nuts, and some Lynx...