Thursday, 1 October 2009

little mash pies & roast chicken

Another beautiful day and we've got plans. Because Fiiiiiiieeeeeeeeen's Christening is next Saturday, we've got to do all milo's birthday shopping today. As he needs to be out of the way, me and him head to Putney Leisure Centre to go swimming, and the ana's go on to Putney to buy his presents.

After an hour of whooshing down the elephant slides, we head home and brilliantly he sparks out in the back of the car. With him asleep we've got loads of time on our hands so I try an experimental brunchy-pie thing you cook in muffin trays. I suppose the mash is the most labour-intensive bit of it, but a top tip is to get a really garlicky sausage for maximum flavour. We had Toulouse Sausages, which seemed to tick a lot of boxes, mainly marked 'Garlic'. The only thing I was missing was The Observer and a hearty ale. I suppose it *was* only lunchtime.

little mash piesPost-snooze we head into Sheen for a large Italian Ice Cream from Trente, where the milos gets to practise his Italian - Bongiorno, Ciao Ciao, Belissimo etc. He has vanilla and half of ana's lemon sorbet, but luckily he's less keen on my cherry ice cream.

Planning ahead for the week, we have Simon Hopkinson roast chicken and salad for dinner so we can have pie with the left-overs tomorrow night.

roast chickenAs happens, in another burst of use-stuff-up energy whilst the chicken is doing it's thing., I also manage to cook another batch of the spiced carrot soup for lunch this week. Lor' Bless you Bill Granger, and all ten of your definitely-not-gay fingers.

Food of the Milos
Toast and marmite for breakfast, then a wide variety of snacks after swimming - raisins, humzingers, grapes etc. No lunch as he'd conked out, ice cream in the afternoon and then, amazingly he ate a little mash pie, pancetta and all! Man he's a greedy guts.

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