Thursday, 1 October 2009

chicken and sweet leek pie

For one reason or another we're all knackered today. Okay, so it's a Monday but we're in deeper comas than usual for the beginning of the week.

Just as well dinner is half-cooked even if I still have pull the left-over meat off the chicken carcass. With the leeks, bacon and thyme stewing away slowly on the hob, I've got time to bath the milos whilst ana sorts his room out, before we put him down and the pie in the oven. An hour and half later (which works out as the first three episodes of Persuasion on podcast), we feast on MASSIVE portions of pie.

chicken and sweet leek pieAmazingly I don't need the DVD anymore, I can do it all from memory, and in an extra twist this pie has added (left over) courgettes. Get me.

Food of the Milos
As there is no swimming today, the milos and anas have a busy day of visiting ahead of them. Swanning about with Beth and K Kats is broken up by a lunch of fish fingers, the default level of snacks, and spicy carrot soup I made yesterday. Sadly the soup isn't popular amongst the under twos of the house, but until they are cooking they can zip it.

chicken and sweet leek pie - Jamie Oliver, Jamie's Christmas Show 2008.

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