Monday, 26 October 2009

cep & potato stew

First day home alone whilst the anas and mtb are on the Isle of Wight for their quarterly procession around the cultural homeland, and the week of experimental dinners gets off to a wobbly start.

I'm a bit sleepy, and frankly I'm more than tempted to simply reheat the left-overs of last night's southern sausage stew. However sense prevails and I give the mushroom stew from November's Delicious a spin. Although obviously it does presuppose you're able to go mushrooming for 400g of ceps without a) poisoning yourself or b) getting bored. I opt for a punnet of chestnut mushrooms. They are organic though.

Anyway here's a top tip - even though you want to think your cep (organic chestnut mushroom) & potato stew is lovely and rustic, cooking it in the Le Creuset is completely wrong as everything burns to the bottom. It's bloody marvellous despite the fact it's molten nature burned seven layers of skin off my tongue a full five minutes after I dished up.

No pictures I'm afraid, the anas have taken the camera - booo! - but I'll definitely be having it again, so maybe next time?

cep & potato stew - Delicious, November 2009, p81

Incidentally, are November issues the best ones? Discuss...

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  1. I absolutely agree. November 2007? best lamb curry ever (made even better when you realise you can just buy a can of ready to go chickpeas rather than fartarse about soaking them in advance). nice work Russell Barnes. I might give this one a go - I need to get over this 'illness' first though as I can't bear the smell of food which as you will know, must mean I am veeeery ill indeed.