Monday, 5 October 2009

minced turkey with thai basil

Experimental cookery madness tonight whilst Gok celebrates the country's bangers. Somewhere in the dim distant Delicious past, there was a weird recipe involving minced pork (I think) and lettuce leaves. We had it when were living in Lacy Road, but can I find the recipe now? Can I buggery, and the search on their website is terrible...

Anyway there's a similar recipe in the October issue so as the old and fat are getting their bits out for ana's entertainment I'm starting the first of my two meals of the evening.

minced turkey with thai basilI say 'two meals', but what I really mean is the first of two large helpings of the same dinner. Basically it's too easy to strip off lettuce leaves and help yourself as you plate up. Far too easy but on the other hand, what are you going to do with a third of a gem lettuce? Exactly!

Food of the Milos
MTB is in a funny-amusing mood at the moment. Rather than going to sleep he wants to stay awake and wear himself out spinning around in the front room OR lurk in the kitchen watching our dinner being cooked and claiming 'Milo eat whatever we're cooking'. In last night's case, 'Pie', and tonight he gets his wish. Pie!

minced turkey with thai basil - Delicious, October 2009, p126

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  1. I make a pork version called sang choi bow which is really popular over here, its one of Ron's favourites. I like to call it the cream of some young guy just to annoy him!