Wednesday, 14 October 2009

my birthday

36 - I don't so much have the key in the door as one foot in the grave. Still, is there any better way to start the half-way point in your life than with a beautiful sunny-yet-brisk day, breakfast made for me, three lovely cards (damn you postal workers), and a silicone ladle?

I even manage to keep it a secret at work until I casually wonder whether anybody wants to come down the pub for a birthday drink? God they hated that! The icing on the cake is the lovely Jude, Judy, Judith babysits for us and me and the anas go to The Idle Hour for a birthday dinner.

I had crab salad followed by one of their burgers, and the anas had stuffed mushrooms followed by pasta. Sadly the food wasn't as good as last time - it was a bit cold, there was only one person working so it took aaaages to get served, and it was all bit bland. BUT at least I got to go out with the anas on a pseudo-date.

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