Friday, 9 October 2009

finn's christening

A busy weekend kicks off early today with Fiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeen's Christening, followed by monkey's birthday tomorrow. Who said weekends were supposed to be relaxing?

We get a cab to St Mary's Church in Hampstead for the Christening. Somewhat improbably, we're the first people there by about 15 minutes. Even more improbably they've got a box of books just inside the door, and hidden beneath a pile of junior bibles is a copy of Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear? So somebody is entertained. Until the service starts.

Consequently whilst Fiiiiiiiiiieeeen is loaded up with Catholic guilt and the anas renounce Satan, we're down the hill looking at the graves of Constable, and Philadelphia Austen. He quite liked the Angels, and the wooden beetle somebody had carved in the graveyard though, so it wasn't entirely disastrous.

Afterwards we have a brilliant long and late lunch at About Thyme, the restaurant Brian has part-ownership of: breads and olive oil, followed by piquillo peppers stuffed with wild mushrooms and goat's cheese (I think), roast beef and potatoes, spiced apple crumble for pudding, christening muffins and a surfeit of fine red wine. Fine wine, good company - what more do you need to while away a grim and cold Saturday?

We don't need any dinner by the time we get home, so monkey has his milk and goes to bed and we rug up and wrap presents/blow up balloons ready for the morning.

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