Wednesday, 7 October 2009

beef carbonade

We're edging closer to 'stew' weather and for ages I've had my eye on this recipe from the magical black book. No idea where it comes from, by it's relative position in the black book and the surrounding recipes I'm going to guess NZ-era Delicious. So Bill Granger, or Donna Hay or even Nigella as I remember she seemed to appear loads.

Anyway, I've never cooked it, and with a bag of potatoes slowly mouldering in the veg bowl, and the lure of beer being a key ingredient we have it tonight.

However I'm being slightly disingenuous to suggest I cooked it tonight. In fact I cooked it last night, letting it simmer away for two-three hours whilst we had pasta. Which meant all I had to do tonight was get in, stick the oven on for an hour whilst we put monkey to bed, and make the mash. Naturally we still ate at midnight, but a smallish moral victory was won I think.

Food of the Milos
Another Julia day, and this time he has his dinner there because the anas have started to learn French after school (although she immediately bails on the first lesson): cheerios, apricots and raisins for breakfast, loads of rice cakes as snacks, capelletti pasta with tomato sauce and fromage frais for lunch, and chicken, mash, veg and mango for dinner.

beef carbonnade - the black book

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