Wednesday, 14 October 2009

pasta with cherry tomato sauce

With a weekend in Tewkesbury looming, and a bunch of stuff likely to go off unless we have three meals tonight, I decide to load up the freezer with some stew and soup, as well as cooking tea.

The plan is to cook my favourite stew - Beef Stew with Pumpkin - from the classic Delicious November 2007 issue, plus Bill's carrot-winning spiced carrot soup, and pasta with cherry tomato sauce. All at the same time. Behold!

full hobI can't believe the only photo I've got for the pasta comes from April, and it's a dish I cook pretty much most weeks. That's slack. Anyway, we eat the pasta, milo has some soup and stew in the fridge, and the rest goes in the freezer for 'a rainy day'.

pasta with cherry tomato sauce - Donna Hay, The Instant Cook, p58
beef stew with pumpkin - Delicious, November 2007, p78
spiced carrot soup - Bill Granger, Feed Me Now, p144

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