Tuesday, 27 October 2009

rigatoni with pork & fennel sausage

The fact we're experiencing a sudden warm spell has put the mockers on my planned week of experimental 'harvest' dinners. The potato & mushroom stew last night benefited from the chill in the air, but tonight's balmy evening means I don't fancy cooking duck and olive casserole. Well, that and the fact it takes almost two hours... maybe tomorrow?

Instead I opt for a second sausagey meal in a week, this time from the House of Billy G: rigatoni with pork and fennel sausage. Sadly I can't get pork & fennel, so I have to make do with leek & chive, but it's still a pretty gutsy dish. Definitely a keeper, and has it has an interesting twist with the addition of wilted rocket.

rigatoni with pork & fennel sausage - Bill Granger, Holiday, p100

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