Wednesday, 14 October 2009

lamb & orzo bake with cherry tomatoes

It's Sunday, and today we do one of those peculiarly 'London' things to do - the sort we always talk about doing because we live here, but never actually bother with; we go to Hyde Park for a promenade.

With k-cats and fieeeeeeeeen, plus a small blonde bombshell on his new scooter in tow, we find ourselves at the most amazing, free, play park. Frankly, with a giant pirate ship, tee-pees, tree walks, slides, tunnels and the Lord knows what, I don't think the Princess of Hearts died in vain!

Knackered out from crawling through tunnels, the monkey conks out in the car. This is a good thing because I decide to drive out the autumnal drizzle by cooking lamb & orzo bake for dinner, which takes a good two to three hours.

lamb & orzo bakeTo be honest, it's fairly easy to cook but it's easier if you're not having to rescue your ladles, knives, lambs, paprikas, pots, chopping boards and magnets from small people wanting to 'help'. With episode two of Emma looming at 20.00, I start whilst he's having his afternoon snoopy-snooze, but typically it's still only just ready.

lamb & orzo bake - The Black Book!

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  1. YUM - I must insist you give me this recipe, it looks bloody divine and its something I remember you making for us on an occasion, or maybe two?