Sunday, 3 January 2010

chicken bolognese & leek and potato soup

Day two in the Big Diet house, and it hasn't started well. One member of team Barnes Cubed woke up at 03.30 requesting milky, and ana louise struggled to get up suffering the early stages of cold turkey from the demon booze. Lucky I had a couple of wee nips of sloe gin before leaving Davis, Brenda and Benjy's eh?

It's a cold day in hell, but we still go to the pond to look at the ducks sat on the ice, drink frothy-coffees and run around in the sun, before a cheese on toast based lunch.

Dinner is an old classic we first discovered in Nyu Zulund: Billy G's chicken bolognese. Although I could only get turkey mince in Waitrose. Still, two smallish portions for us, and three in the bank for the milos. Just in time for Wallander.

chicken bolognese

As it's back to work tomorrow, I also prepare some lunch for part of the week and as it's cold I fancy some soup. Leek and potato it is, although having made it I remembered I'd left my thermos at work before Christmas...

Food of the Milos
Back to reality for blond bombshells, but it's still all day playing for him, and other than having his old friends back (Big Bear, Jessie, Snakey, Dragon, etc etc), I doubt he noticed. In between trips to the pond, babyccinos, finger painting, lego and playdough, he eats: half a crumpet, porridge with dried apricots and cranberries, cheese on toast, loads of water, an apple, a tiny piece of chocolate and a portion of last night's pumpkin laksa. He didn't want to eat it, but we told him Julia made it for him, so he ate it. The bugger.

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