Saturday, 2 January 2010

pumpkin and tomato laksa

Holiday over, we're back and we're on a health kick: No booze, and only healthy dinners for a whole month. Hopefully mostly vegetarian - let's DETOX (and lose weight and be healthy, and hopefully save some money) - Wooo!

2010 dawned in a torrent of cow, potatoes and a chocolate gateau seemingly impregnated with a whole bottle of brandy, chez Davis & Brenda. Plus a fine selection of ale/champagne/sloe gin/fizzy lager and wine. Having driven home we're both starving, tired, cold and not in the mood for 'health' and 'goodness'. Seeing as there's only an acorn squash left at home, we've got little choice but to get on the health horse, and with Nigel Slater as our champion jockey we kick off with a pretty spiky laksa.

pumpkin and tomato laska

Roll on health, wealth and some sort of wisdom...

Food of the Milos
Having pillaged Davis & Lucy's house of all their smoothies, Milo's first dinner at home is some defrosted spag bol, cos we're great parents like that.

pumpkin & tomato laksa - Nigel Slater, The Kitchen Diaries, p336


  1. The pics from your NY look debauched and decadent! We went to a traditional Afrikaans bring-and-braai party where we drank klippies and coke and Amy played on some seriously dangerous play equipment cobbled together by a farmer 10 years ago! We were home in bed by 10pm, so no lang-arm dancing till dawn for us old folk. We get back to Aus next week and its the detox and debt diet for us too! Miss you!

  2. Was I IN any of those photos. Sadly the monkey woke up at about 1.30 and when I took him back to bed I fell asleep. Rock and roll eh?

    To be honest, it's the only way Amy will learn. We've started sending milo to play in the road but he simply won't have it.

    How's Ronnie's leg?

  3. Leg is FINE, fine enough to play three rounds of golf while on holiday, don't tell his surgeon! we are all well, promise you will find us on skype when we get back to Aus, dying for a chat.