Tuesday, 9 July 2013

valli little's char siu beef and tenderstem broccoli stir-fry

Having been at each others throats for most of the summer, due to financial pressures I hasten to add rather than any fading affection, it's nice to remember that we do love each other, and it's nice being married to each. And our eighth wedding anniversary seems a good enough reason as any to remind ourselves that each of us is really alright, even if one of us doesn't clean the bathroom enough for the other's liking, and one of us is massively OCD.

Strangely for our anniversary we've got something completely new and experimental, rather than a comforting curry. Not only that, according to Delicious it's also extra good for us because it harnesses the powers of the rainbow!

 It's cobblers of course, but it is another Valli Little humdinger - spicy, filling, quick and super, super-tasty. Happy anniversary us!

I'd like to show you a picture of our happy family unit eating together in the garden, enjoying each others company and good food in the evening sun, but David Irving Ana has vetoed the picture of her - despite the fact she's looking magma hot - so you'll have to make do with a) the fab card she got me:

And b) me and Milo celebrating on her behalf:

 She's a silly sausage, but I still love her...

char siu beef and tenderstem broccoli stir-fry - Valli Little, Delicious, August 2013, p110

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