Wednesday, 17 July 2013

tom kime's kebab ki baraz (lamb meatballs with a sour cherry sauce)

After a week mucking about in the countryside, entertaining Norwegians (and small children) variously in sunny Ashton-under-Hill followed by glamorous SW14, we're back on the diets. Not that the past week has been a dietary disaster of course, but there has been a lot of booze being knocked back which no amount of running in searing heat can off-set.

So tonight we're back with a super-tasty Moroccan-inspired meatball recipe, which handily uses up about 1Kg of the cherries we foraged behind Dave and Lucy's house:

We don't have this dish enough for my liking. I love the spices and herbs that really lift the lamb mince, but the sour cherry sauce makes all the difference, and really peps up the cous cous.

Wine Time
Lamb and cherries? I don't think I'll be looking any further than a Pinot Noir, which is bursting with sour red cherry flavours, which handily also cuts through the fatty meat. If you did want to go elsewhere,  a young, spicy rioja would also go down a treat, as its spicy notes would mingle nicely with the herbs in the meatballs.

kebab bi karaz - Tom Kime, Australian Delicious but now the Skull Book

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