Thursday, 18 July 2013

delia smith's chicken basque

We're at the arse-end of the shopping as Ana's out at a wedding tomorrow and us boys are off on a camping weekend in t'country.

However, rather than the usual panicked raiding of the freezer, with a side-order of marmite on toast, today I'm fully prepared to use up the shriveling green pepper, the random tomatoes and the lonely orange, because having recently lured Ana with Delia's roasted veg and cous cous salad, her chicken basque is lurking fresh in mind.

 It certainly looks much prettier than last time, with the added bonus that I didn't burn the rice to the bottom of the pan. If you like paella, but can't be bothered to spend ages at the stove, definitely give this dish a whirl: Despite the rice giving it some heft, the spices and orange really lighten the load, and the chicken is deliciously succulent - it's a perfect summer dinner.

Wine Time
Tomatoes and orange are going to be a hard match but the key here is the fruity acidity they bring to the dish. Rosé is going to work well here, but anything with some fleshy, bright fruit will go well. If you're sticking with Spain, look for a good Rueda which has a nice green apple bite or an Albarino if you're feeling flash. A young red Tempranillo will also work well here, especially if you chill it - gasp!

chicken basque - Delia's Smith's Summer Collection, p130

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