Friday, 19 July 2013

#GreatSummerOfBurger Episode 10: Waitrose aberdeen angus peppercrusted burger

It's been cracking summer so far, so determined to make the best of it myself and Milo head out to the wilds of Kent for a weekend's camping, with a side-order of using up our free Leeds Castle ticket.

Of course we can't legislate for the rest of London heading down the M20 at exactly the same time as us, using up the only nice weather of the weekend in a traffic jam. More disappointing is the next installment of the #GreatSummerOfBurger, tonight featuring pepper-crusted Aberdeen Angus burgers from the Waitrose meat counter.

I'll admit the three-hour Kent car park may have put me into a bit of a bad mood, and the fact the fire kept going out didn't improve it, but surely the smell and sizzle of some quite thick beef patties can lift the heart of any proto-caveman?

Sadly the smell (and sound) far out did the flavour which ended up being dominated by the peppery-herb crust, with a disappointingly watery body to the patty. Boring.

There must be an easy way to make burgers at home, before transporting them to a camp site for that night's dinner, because fire cooked burgers not only taste delicious, their smell and promise puts extra pep into any tent erecting going on. As does a couple of cheeky brewskis on ice.

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