Wednesday, 24 July 2013

summer spaghetti

Schools out for summer, so like all good middle-class parents we decide to finish Milo's education the correct way: Down the pub, with crisps, beers and a couple of other similarly, educationally-minded parents. Okay so he can't write yet, but these are exactly the sort of life-lessons he'll thank us for when he's hanging off the bar at Swansea University...

What better way to round off some celebratory drinks in the sun, than with a super-quick spaghetti recipe? Despite the fact I always have to convince Ana that she likes summer spaghetti, there's something for everybody in this flavour-packed, summery plate: Chorizo, oregano, chilli, and lemon with the added bonus of becoming the new home for my new favourite tangy cheese, cow curd:

Obviously Ana's wrong (and has to admit it's lush), and I am right. Although Milo does pick out all the green beans and oregano.

Wine time
As you might have picked up, there's a lot going on this plate, but it's all underpinned by the sweet, acidic tomatoes, the punchy chorizo and the herbal oregano. Consequently you can go one of three ways with this, ticking two boxes with each:

  1. A fruity Cotes du Rhone, look for one with garrigue flavours which will complement the oregano;
  2. An extra-dry rosé, which will cut through the cheese and balance the tomatoes;
  3. A Sauvignon de Touraine, whose acidity will again cut through the cheese, tame the tomatoes and it's green flavours won't go amiss either.
Take your pick.

summer spaghetti - Delicious, July 2011, p38

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