Saturday, 27 July 2013

thai pork vermicelli salad


What better feast for a chap whose just run 20K around Richmond Park in the searing heat, than a cooling a brewski and a delicious double-helping (seeing as there's nobody to share the wok with), of spicy pork and noodles?

Admittedly it doesn't fall under the usual 'experimental' banner that comes out to play when Ana and Milo do one, but I think the addition of a packet of Singapore noodles which were reduced in Mr Waitrose's food emporia give it the necessary quotient of 'newitude':

Sadly though, whilst I bow to no man in my love of Singapore noodles, these are more carcinogenic and chemical than rich and spicy. Fortunately I had plenty of left-over marinade to kill their plastic-y flavours.

It's also a lesson learned, and whilst the pork was lovely and juicy, and the veg crispy, there's clearly a reason why fluorescent yellow noodles are half the price of the normal sort.

thai pork vermicelli salad - Delicious, June 2012, p115

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