Sunday, 28 July 2013

raffaele and renata giacobazzi's cotechino al'Inglese

I'd like to wax long and lyrical about entertaining Mr Peter Magnus Leary this afternoon. To share the wide-ranging literary and sporting conversations we had, and the erudite and highly witty jokes bandied around in the afternoon sun, but I can't.

This is mainly because having met him at the station, we accidentally ended up in the pub between there and home for 3 hours, and then watched random Alpine stages of the Tour de France on the computer whilst drunkenly burbling about stuff we didn't really understand.

All of which impacted not only on making of lunch, but also my memories of eating it. This is a shame, and not just because of my fearsome hangover, as it's one of my very favouritist dinners to both make and wolf down. I mean, just look at it:

It's glorious! There's something amazingly warming and comforting about the combination of garlicky sausages, earthy lentils and the crunchy Yorkshires that puts a smile on face whilst I'm in the kitchen, and an even bigger one once it's in my mouth.

Wine Time
Obviously this was entirely wasted on us at the time, but I'd actually done some research on this before I went shopping, and came back with two reasonably (sub-£10) Italian reds I thought would be perfect: A Barbera and a Montepulciano D'Abruzzo. They probably were brilliant...

cotechino al'Inglese - Raffaele and Renata Giacobazzi, Delicious, May 2007, p56

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