Thursday, 11 April 2013

double fish-whammy

After a week on the glorious(ly wet) Isle of Wight we return home to a slightly-controversial fish double-whammy. I suspect we're still slightly delirious from the sea bream success the other day, so we temper our fishy appetite with two dishes we know we like.

First off, we have a hale and hearty lunch with classic Yummington warm tuna salad with white beans. Sadly no accompanying vino though. Well, it is only lunchtime and we've got an annoying five year-old who would rather watch - and explain whilst it's happening on TV - the storyline of Captain America.

We follow this up with a stab at seasonality with another classic, pancetta-wrapped salmon with griddled asparagus. Here's a question though, given we're supposed to be at the start of British Asparagus Season, how come all the angiosperms in Waitrose come from Chile?

I'm so outraged, I take an out-of-focus picture.

Fuzzy picture aside, I've discovered my newly-fashionable enamel baking tin is perfect for making this dish as it allows the asparagus to bake without drying out, and the salmon can sit on top and crisp up - aces!

warm tuna and white bean salad - Delicious, October 2012, p27
pancetta-wrapped salmon with griddled asparagus and lime creme fraiche - Delicious, June 2010, p23

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