Saturday, 27 April 2013

pan-fried sea bream with spiced chickpeas and gremolata

Seeing how it worked so well last month, tonight we've been lured back to try the pan-fried sea bream and chickpea stew.

I'd like to say this is because over the past year we've become complete piscatarians, but sad to say the truth is we're more susceptible to a damn fine offer at the fish counter. Still, it's pretty bloody good excuse to crack this dish out for a second time.

It's a definite all-rounder this one; the crispy skin and lemony gremolata hints sing out 'summer', whilst the chickpea and tomato stew take the edge off the spring evenings. Give it a go, you'll surprise yourself! It's so good Milo ended up having an extra chunk of my fish/skin, which was gratifying if annoying.

Wine Time
The previous paragraph should give you a good idea where we're going with the wine match: Something lemony and fresh to balance the herbs and fish, whilst crisp enough to cut through the pulses creaminess: It's got to be a young, fresh and zippy Muscadet hasn't it? Get a bottle that has been left on the sediment (sur lie), and it'll have a little extra texture which you were looking for.

Brilliantly enough for those of us on a shoestring budget, if you can't get hold of a good-yet-cheap Muscadet, look for a Picpoul. It's a great little citrus bomb from the South of France, comes in a mad bottle and shouldn't set you back more than a tenner. Even better, it's one of those wines only those in the know drink, so you'll like a mighty vino swell when you get it out of the fridge.

pan-fried sea bream with spiced chickpeas and gremolata - Delicious, April 2013, p135

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