Tuesday, 30 April 2013

jill dupleix's broad bean crostini with parmesan

After a cheeky 5k run around the park in the sun this morning with Mrs B, we get an unexpected health boost with dinner this evening. Well 'boost' might be pushing it. It might be better to say "an unexpected reduction in calories" as tonight's fab-looking experimental Jilly D dinner turns out to be about a quarter of the size I thought it'd be.

Admittedly she does say it's a 'light supper', but 40 minutes of podding a tiny hillock of broad beans later, and 'light' seems a bit of an exaggeration. Health eh, it's great!

Oddly enough though, it's surprisingly filling. Okay, so we doubled up on the eggs, but pfaffy podding aside, this turns out to be utterly marvelous, albeit teeny tiny, and another candidate for the Yummington Mummington.

Wine Time
We used some left-over olive oil from the roasted peppers we had on Monday, so this has a more intense flavour than I imagine was planned, but it's not a particularly acidic meal; The egg and beans are quite creamy, as is the parmesan I suppose but with some salty piquancy.

Chardonnay would be a great friend for this but not I think, a woody one. You want fruit and buttery creaminess, so go New World and think South Africa and Australia or, if you want to show off your vino chops, I've had a delicious unoaked chard from Piemonte before. Boom.

broad bean crostini with parmesan - Jill Dupleix, Delicious, May 2008, p82

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