Thursday, 18 April 2013

random risotto

I don't know if anybody else has this issue, but I've noticed every time people come around for dinner, it doesn't matter when  they come around you'll never have anything to cook the following evening. It can be a Monday night dinner party, but you'll have nowt in the fridge on Tuesday despite going shopping on Saturday. And this is despite the fact everybody ordered take away. Does that happen to anybody else, or is it just us?

Anyway, we're down to the bare bones tonight but there's enough in the cupboard to knock up an experimental risotto. Well, we've always got some sort of vino in the house...

It's a fairly earthy number: there's dried porcini plus a couple of sad-looking chestnut mushrooms from the fridge, and the peas. Also, we only had red wine left-over from last night, which added some oompf.

I have to say I love making risotto now I've nailed it, it's a very zen process. And wine is involved.

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