Friday, 26 April 2013

silvana franco's spiced cannellini and couscous burgers

I don't know why, but I'm craving burgers at the moment. The phrase du jour chez maison Barnes is "When I get a job, I'm going to reward myself with Kiwi Burger from GBK", and then I stare off into the middle distance, drooling on my CV.

These reveries have inspired me this year to create a totally selfish challenge: As I think this summer cannot be as bad as last year, I figure we'll be having loads of BBQs and therefore burgers, so I'm stepping up to the hotplate and attempting to eat one imperial burger a week. Anybody else fancy joining in? In a fit of media madness I shall call it #GreatSummerOfBurger, and I'm sure Twitter and our waistlines are going to go mental! Ana's not entirely convinced, but surely that's part of the fun?

Tonight we kick off #GreatSummerOfBurger (see, it's catching) with an off-beam vegetarian number from Silvana Franco that I've been desperate to try for aaaaaages: Spiced Cannellini and Couscous Burgers - behold!

I don't know who is more surprised of their success, me or Lady Barnes, because they are most definitely a hit. I suppose in many ways they are like giant versions of Jilly D's polpettine which certainly helps Lady Barnes get over her reservations, but it's the inclusion of the couscous and lemon zest which really adds the wow factor: The lemon bringing obvious freshness, but the couscous gives a surprising lightness to the patty... as does bulgar wheat as we'd run out of couscous.

Totally. hash tag. amazeballs. But Silvana is right about how delicate they are - definitely one for the pan rather than the BBQ.

Wine Time
One of the reasons I like writing this blog is I get the opportunity to do some (minimal) research with drink matching. It's interesting and appeals to my inner-geek, but sometimes it's deeply frustrating as you can't quite nail the perfect match, and tonight is one of those occasions. My head says you'll want a crisp and clean white to go with the lemon, but the spices and the body the couscous give it pull me towards a lighter red. Do you know what, I genuinely don't know - why don't you try some and let me know what works, and when I work it out I'll let you know.

spiced cannellini and couscous burgers - Silvana Franco, Delicious, now the Parsley Book

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