Monday, 29 April 2013

mediterranean halloumi salad

Having subjected Mrs Barnes to two days of bargain-basement meals, the least I can do to kick the week off with is to let her choose something for dinner. Naturally, being the equable and elegant lady she is, she doesn't immediately take revenge by insisting on her favourite and my least-favourite squeaky cheese. Oh!

Actually, I think I've finally got the hang of frying the halloumi so it has a creamy element to it, rather than salty and squeaky. Secretly I do love this salad, it's so easy to construct with some nice touches like soaking the onions in boiling water to take the edge off, which make you feel slightly more competent than usual. There is a hidden trap though - less oil from the peppers is definitely more. Too much and it overpowers everything. Oh, and if you can find really ripe tomatoes, they are infinitely nicer!

Wine Time
I usually like to wax lyrical at this point about dominant flavours, acidity and textures to think about when you're choosing wine to match with these meals, but not tonight. There's no need see, because there's only one wine you're going to need with this: A super crisp, super dry, pale pale pale pink Rosé. Easy!

mediterranean halloumi salad - Delicious, June 2010, p24

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