Tuesday, 16 April 2013

rosemary salt-crusted roast chicken and salad

Cobblers, cobblers and double cobblers! I forgot to take a picture of tonight's dish du jour, which is in fact quadruple cobblers as it's my own freakin' invention.

It's an annoying way to end a top day, full of jobless fun. Seriously though, actual jobless fun because Ana's still on half-term, so whilst Milo's at school a-book learnin' we spend a nice day at The National Portrait Gallery. I wanted to go to the Imperial War Museum but was sadly over-ruled, still it was sunny and warm, and I did get to see some of my favourite pictures including Catherine Parr, Fanny Burney, Richard III and a moody-looking John Donne. For the record, Ana's favourite picture appeared to be Sam Taylor-Wood's video of David Beckham sleeping - WHICH IS NOT ART, IT'S PORNOGRAPHY!

Anyway, after a top post-school play in the park, and a manic playdate, it's time for experimental roast chicken'n'salad. It's a classic in this house, and it's a fab way to use up some frozen chicken legs, but tonight's difference is inspired by the huge bunch of rosemary drying out in the fridge: Ground up with some rock salt and rape seed oil, and slathered on the thighs it makes brilliantly crispy, salty skin, with tender, juicy meat underneath. Delish, and clearly I'm a genius... although not on the photography front.

My genius.

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