Saturday, 23 March 2013

pan-fried sea bream with spiced chickpeas and gremolata

Despite imminent dole-bludging, we've had quite a busy social schedule this week; There was a pot luck night on Tuesday, whereupon I felt the urge to do the Persian-style lamb and rhubarb stew to initial skepticism, before winning over the Kew Riverside parental posse, and last night we attempted to repeat last year's triumphant Stepping Stones quiz second place. Sadly, we got a bit drunker this year and just about scraped second last spot.

Having thoroughly soaked ourselves in evil booze over the week, this weekend we've decided to get all healthy-like, with some experimental fish. Not that the fish itself is experimental you understand, that would be awful and weird - although it is the first time we've ever had sea bream.

Despite the myriad potential for disaster - skin! fish! skin on fish! fishy-flavoured fish! - this actually turned out to be a complete winner. The skin is super-crispy, the chickpeas give it some earthy creaminess, and the lemony gremolata provides a lovely herbal tang.

pan-fried sea bream with spiced chickpeas and gremolata - Delicious, April 2013, p135

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