Friday, 1 March 2013

a nice surprise, fish fingers and fries

Ana's out for dinner tonight with some of the nursery mums, and Milo is sparko. Under normal circumstances this would give me free reign to go wild and crazy, and get experimental in the kitchen. However it's blinking freezing, I'm a bit tired from last night's tasting, and I fancy watching ridiculous historical documentaries about the Plantagenets rather than crushing garlic.

It's my food blog, I'll do what I want.

Let's give this a thin veneer of foodie gloss shall we? Who prefers crinkle-cut chips to straight? I'm definitely in the crinkle-cut camp, but that's because my parents used to make chips in our B&B, so me and brother had to suffer huge, chunky chips rather than the crinkle-cut all our friends had. We weren't allowed Ski yoghurts either.

Hands up for crinkle-cut?


  1. Yup, crinkle cut all the way in the White House! I buy them in 2kg bags from Costco along with potato gems. Secret, guilty White House secret dinner. Not at the same time of course, either or. Don't tell anyone. But do tell your wife I will be emailing her tomorrow. And tell yourself I will be emailing you too. X

  2. They are the best aren't they! What are potato gems?