Monday, 4 March 2013

bill granger's crispy chicken with rainbow chard

Whilst there's a certain amount of meh going on tonight - I couldn't even be bothered to roast some potatoes, and how easy are they?

There is also an equal amount of secretive experimentation: Not only have we got some fried pancetta which was lurking at the back of the fridge, but there's a soupcon of seasonality with the appearance of rainbow chard on the shelves:

It's certainly sort-of successful. I think the salty pancetta works really well with the crispy chicken skin, as well as contributing some lovely juices, but I suppose that's not entirely unexpected as I nicked the thought from Billy G's quick roast chicken, with shallots and white wine.

The chard doesn't really cut it though, or at least not compared to cavalo nero which brings stronger flavours to the table, and doesn't quite go as floppy as its more colourful cousin. Still, I suppose that's part of the swings and roundabouts of eating in season.

Anybody notice we're using a hand-butchered chicken supreme? I'll be gutting badgers next.

Wine Time
This is quite a tangy dish with the combination of the lemon juice and salty bacon, with the added kick of chili, so whilst a crisp, clean Chardonnay would be a dream here, I wouldn't go for anything too oaky, or indeed tropical. If you want to stick with the Old World, a white Bordeaux with the extra zing from the Semillon would be good, as would a Loire Sauv.

crispy chicken, parmesan roast potatoes and cavalo nero - Bill Granger, Simply Bill, p38

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