Tuesday, 12 March 2013

hugh's mexican tomato and bean soup

Having got away with being very, very drunk yesterday I rather chance my arm with Mrs Barnes today having nipped into the office to collect my stuff, only to return three hours later than scheduled, and with slightly more foaming nut-brown ale in me than planned.

She's even less pleased when I clatter around in the kitchen, attempting to knock something quick up for dinner, whilst she's trying to watch telly.

Luckily you can't really go wrong with Hugh's Mexican tomato and bean soup. It ticks a lot of health points as the cooked tomatoes are fully of lovely cancer-bashing lycopene, the pulses are obviously good for the digestion, and it's always good to get a sweat on!

I like to throw in some smoked paprika to give a sweeter edge to the ground cumin, plus the smokiness really pairs up well with the lime juice and the cooling creme fraiche. The other thing you can do is chop up some sweet peppers and add them with the garlic and spices. I'm just saying.

mexican tomato and bean soup - Hugh F-W, River Cottage Veg Everyday! P138

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