Sunday, 10 March 2013

mother's day curry

Having lost my job on Friday and thrown the SS Barnes into a bit of a spin, the signs for an auspicious Mother's Day take a further battering when we wake up to a gale outside, and then I realise by not going shopping yesterday, I don't actually have anything to cook a special breakfast with other than toast.

The portents of doom are slightly averted by Milo who sneaks into our room to tell Ana not to get up as we're cooking her some secret pancakes, and to give her his (and my) card. But that's about as lucky as it gets for most of the day: I go shopping in the rain and promptly drop our new tax disc in the car park, and then I forget to to buy some flowers. One argument later, followed by a trip back to Waitrose (somebody had handed it in), via our local florists, and the dark clouds lift, literally as well as figuratively.

Is there nothing snake-head fritillaries, a bottle of wine, Delia's lime chicken curry (even for Milo, as we've decided his curryfication needs to start now), and the looming prospect of Scandinavian crime drama cannot cure?

lime chicken curry - Delia, How to Cook Book Two, p107


  1. Oh Barnes cubed. Life is a bloody bugger of a bitch sometimes. Love you guys. Can we expect a series of blog posts on 23 meals to make with mince or How To's on beans and lentils? Actually I am not really joking, life at Chez White is rather frugal at the moment and I think I might have peaked last week when I picked bits of bolognaise out of leftover pasta to make into a lasagne. So far, I win!

  2. Thanks Mrs White! Strangely enough you can, I'm pretty much cued up once I find the pictures...